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Federal Aviation Administration, DOT 

§ 99.43 

the contiguous U.S. ADIZ unless that 
aircraft is equipped with a coded radar 
beacon transponder and automatic 
pressure altitude reporting equipment 
having altitude reporting capability 
that automatically replies to interro-
gations by transmitting pressure alti-
tude information in 100-foot incre-

(d) Paragraphs (b) and (c) of this sec-

tion do not apply to the operation of an 
aircraft which was not originally cer-
tificated with an engine-driven elec-
trical system and which has not subse-
quently been certified with such a sys-
tem installed, a balloon, or a glider. 

[Doc. No. 24903, 55 FR 8395, Mar. 7, 1990. Re-
designated at 69 FR 16756, Mar. 30, 2004] 

§ 99.15

Position reports. 

(a) The pilot of an aircraft operating 

in or penetrating an ADIZ under IFR— 

(1) In controlled airspace, must make 

the position reports required in § 91.183; 

(2) In uncontrolled airspace, must 

make the position reports required in 
this section. 

(b) No pilot may operate an aircraft 

penetrating an ADIZ under DVFR un-

(1) The pilot reports to an appro-

priate aeronautical facility before pen-
etration: the time, position, and alti-
tude at which the aircraft passed the 
last reporting point before penetration 
and the estimated time of arrival over 
the next appropriate reporting point 
along the flight route; 

(2) If there is no appropriate report-

ing point along the flight route, the 
pilot reports at least 15 minutes before 
penetration: The estimated time, posi-
tion, and altitude at which the pilot 
will penetrate; or 

(3) If the departure airport is within 

an ADIZ or so close to the ADIZ bound-
ary that it prevents the pilot from 
complying with paragraphs (b)(1) or (2) 
of this section, the pilot must report 
immediately after departure: the time 
of departure, the altitude, and the esti-
mated time of arrival over the first re-
porting point along the flight route. 

(c) In addition to any other reports 

as ATC may require, no pilot in com-
mand of a foreign civil aircraft may 
enter the United States through an 
ADIZ unless that pilot makes the re-

ports required in this section or reports 
the position of the aircraft when it is 
not less that one hour and not more 
that 2 hours average direct cruising 
distance from the United States. 

[69 FR 16756, Mar. 30, 2004] 

§ 99.17

Deviation from flight plans and 

ATC clearances and instructions. 

(a) No pilot may deviate from the 

provisions of an ATC clearance or ATC 
instruction except in accordance with 
§ 91.123 of this chapter. 

(b) No pilot may deviate from the 

filed IFR flight plan when operating an 
aircraft in uncontrolled airspace unless 
that pilot notifies an appropriate aero-
nautical facility before deviating. 

(c) No pilot may deviate from the 

filed DVFR flight plan unless that pilot 
notifies an appropriate aeronautical fa-
cility before deviating. 

[69 FR 16756, Mar. 30, 2004] 

§§ 99.19–99.31


Subpart B—Designated Air 

Defense Identification Zones 

§ 99.41


The airspace above the areas de-

scribed in this subpart is established as 
an ADIZ. The lines between points de-
scribed in this subpart are great circles 
except that the lines joining adjacent 
points on the same parallel of latitude 
are rhumb lines. 

[69 FR 16756, Mar. 30, 2004] 

§ 99.43

Contiguous U.S. ADIZ. 

The area bounded by a line from 


°15′  N, 65°55′W; 44°21′  N; 67°16′W; 43°10′ 

N; 69

°40′W; 41°05′  N; 69°40′W; 40°32′  N; 


°15′W; 39°55′  N; 73°00′W; 39°38′  N; 


°00′W; 39°36′  N; 73°40′W; 37°00′  N; 


°30′W; 36°10′  N; 75°10′W; 35°10′  N; 


°10′W; 32°00′  N; 80°30′W; 30°30′  N; 


°00′W; 26°40′  N; 79°40′W; 25°00′  N; 


°05′W; 24°25′  N; 81°15′W; 24°20′  N; 


°45′W; 24°30′  N; 82°06′W; 24°41′  N; 


°06′W; 24°43′  N; 82°00′W; 25°00′  N; 


°30′W; 25°10′  N; 81°23′W; 25°35′  N; 


°30′W; 26°15′  N 82°20′W; 27°50′  N; 


°05′W; 28°55′  N; 83°30′W; 29°42′  N; 


°00′W; 29°20′  N; 85°00′W; 30°00′  N; 


°10′W; 30°00′  N; 88°30′W; 28°45′  N; 


°55′W; 28°45′  N; 90°00′W; 29°25′  N; 


°00′W; 28°20′  N; 96°00′W; 27°30′  N; 

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