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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 29.1541 






§ 29.1541


(a) The rotorcraft must contain— 
(1) The markings and placards speci-

fied in §§ 29.1545 through 29.1565; and 

(2) Any additional information, in-

strument markings, and placards re-
quired for the safe operation of the 
rotorcraft if it has unusual design, op-
erating or handling characteristics. 

(b) Each marking and placard pre-

scribed in paragraph (a) of this sec-

(1) Must be displayed in a con-

spicuous place; and 

(2) May not be easily erased, dis-

figured, or obscured. 

§ 29.1543

Instrument markings: gen-


For each instrument— 
(a) When markings are on the cover 

glass of the instrument there must be 
means to maintain the correct align-
ment of the glass cover with the face of 
the dial; and 

(b) Each arc and line must be wide 

enough, and located to be clearly visi-
ble to the pilot. 

§ 29.1545

Airspeed indicator. 

(a) Each airspeed indicator must be 

marked as specified in paragraph (b) of 
this section, with the marks located at 
the corresponding indicated airspeeds. 

(b) The following markings must be 


(1) A red radial line— 
(i) For rotorcraft other than heli-

copters, at V


; and 

(ii) For helicopters, at a V




(2) A red, cross-hatched radial line at 



(power-off) for helicopters, if V



(power-off) is less than V



(3) For the caution range, a yellow 


(4) For the safe operating range, a 

green arc. 

(Secs. 313(a), 601, 603, 604, and 605 of the Fed-
eral Aviation Act of 1958 (49 U.S.C. 1354(a), 
1421, 1423, 1424, and 1425); and sec. 6(c), Dept. 
of Transportation Act (49 U.S.C. 1655(c))) 

[Doc. No. 5084, 29 FR 16150, Dec. 3, 1964, as 
amended by Amdt. 29–15, 43 FR 2327, Jan. 16, 
1978; 43 FR 3900, Jan. 30, 1978; Amdt. 29–17, 43 
FR 50602, Oct. 30, 1978] 

§ 29.1547

Magnetic direction indicator. 

(a) A placard meeting the require-

ments of this section must be installed 
on or near the magnetic direction indi-

(b) The placard must show the cali-

bration of the instrument in level 
flight with the engines operating. 

(c) The placard must state whether 

the calibration was made with radio re-
ceivers on or off. 

(d) Each calibration reading must be 

in terms of magnetic heading in not 
more than 45 degree increments. 

§ 29.1549

Powerplant instruments. 

For each required powerplant instru-

ment, as appropriate to the type of in-

(a) Each maximum and, if applicable, 

minimum safe operating limit must be 
marked with a red radial or a red line; 

(b) Each normal operating range 

must be marked with a green arc or 
green line, not extending beyond the 
maximum and minimum safe limits; 

(c) Each takeoff and precautionary 

range must be marked with a yellow 
arc or yellow line; 

(d) Each engine or propeller range 

that is restricted because of excessive 
vibration stresses must be marked with 
red arcs or red lines; and 

(e) Each OEI limit or approved oper-

ating range must be marked to be 
clearly differentiated from the mark-
ings of paragraphs (a) through (d) of 
this section except that no marking is 
normally required for the 30-second 
OEI limit. 

[Amdt. 29–12, 41 FR 55474, Dec. 20, 1976, as 
amended by Amdt. 29–26, 53 FR 34220, Sept. 2, 
1988; Amdt. 29–34, 59 FR 47769, Sept. 16, 1994] 

§ 29.1551

Oil quantity indicator. 

Each oil quantity indicator must be 

marked with enough increments to in-
dicate readily and accurately the quan-
tity of oil. 

§ 29.1553

Fuel quantity indicator. 

If the unusable fuel supply for any 

tank exceeds one gallon, or five per-
cent of the tank capacity, whichever is 
greater, a red arc must be marked on 
its indicator extending from the cali-
brated zero reading to the lowest read-
ing obtainable in level flight. 

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