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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 25.1583 

25.1587, that is appropriate to the air-
plane, must be furnished, verified, and 
approved, and must be segregated, 
identified, and clearly distinguished 
from each unapproved part of that 

(c) [Reserved] 
(d) Each Airplane Flight Manual 

must include a table of contents if the 
complexity of the manual indicates a 
need for it. 

[Amdt. 25–42, 43 FR 2323, Jan. 16, 1978, as 
amended by Amdt. 25–72, 55 FR 29786, July 20, 

§ 25.1583

Operating limitations. 

(a)  Airspeed limitations. The following 

airspeed limitations and any other air-
speed limitations necessary for safe op-
eration must be furnished: 

(1) The maximum operating limit 

speed  V




and a statement that 

this speed limit may not be delib-
erately exceeded in any regime of 
flight (climb, cruise, or descent) unless 
a higher speed is authorized for flight 
test or pilot training. 

(2) If an airspeed limitation is based 

upon compressibility effects, a state-
ment to this effect and information as 
to any symptoms, the probable behav-
ior of the airplane, and the rec-
ommended recovery procedures. 

(3) The maneuvering speed estab-

lished under § 25.1507 and statements, 
as applicable to the particular design, 
explaining that: 

(i) Full application of pitch, roll, or 

yaw controls should be confined to 
speeds below the maneuvering speed; 

(ii) Rapid and large alternating con-

trol inputs, especially in combination 
with large changes in pitch, roll, or 
yaw, and full control inputs in more 
than one axis at the same time, should 
be avoided as they may result in struc-
tural failures at any speed, including 
below the maneuvering speed. 

(4) The flap extended speed V



the pertinent flap positions and engine 

(5) The landing gear operating speed 

or speeds, and a statement explaining 
the speeds as defined in § 25.1515(a). 

(6) The landing gear extended speed 



if greater than V


and a state-

ment that this is the maximum speed 

at which the airplane can be safely 
flown with the landing gear extended. 

(b)  Powerplant limitations. The fol-

lowing information must be furnished: 

(1) Limitations required by § 25.1521 

and § 25.1522. 

(2) Explanation of the limitations, 

when appropriate. 

(3) Information necessary for mark-

ing the instruments required by 
§§ 25.1549 through 25.1553. 

(c)  Weight and loading distribution. 

The weight and center of gravity limi-
tations established under § 25.1519 must 
be furnished in the Airplane Flight 
Manual. All of the following informa-
tion, including the weight distribution 
limitations established under § 25.1519, 
must be presented either in the Air-
plane Flight Manual or in a separate 
weight and balance control and loading 
document that is incorporated by ref-
erence in the Airplane Flight Manual: 

(1) The condition of the airplane and 

the items included in the empty weight 
as defined in accordance with § 25.29. 

(2) Loading instructions necessary to 

ensure loading of the airplane within 
the weight and center of gravity limits, 
and to maintain the loading within 
these limits in flight. 

(3) If certification for more than one 

center of gravity range is requested, 
the appropriate limitations, with re-
gard to weight and loading procedures, 
for each separate center of gravity 

(d) Flight crew. The number and func-

tions of the minimum flight crew de-
termined under § 25.1523 must be fur-

(e)  Kinds of operation. The kinds of 

operation approved under § 25.1525 must 
be furnished. 

(f)  Ambient air temperatures and oper-

ating altitudes. The extremes of the am-
bient air temperatures and operating 
altitudes established under § 25.1527 
must be furnished. 

(g) [Reserved] 
(h)  Additional operating limitations. 

The operating limitations established 
under § 25.1533 must be furnished. 

(i) Maneuvering flight load factors. The 

positive maneuvering limit load fac-
tors for which the structure is proven, 

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