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§ 21.3 

(2) Rules governing applicants for, 

and holders of, any approval or certifi-
cate specified in paragraph (a)(1) of 
this section; and 

(3) Procedural requirements for the 

approval of articles. 

(b) For the purposes of this part— 
(1)  Airworthiness approval means a 

document, issued by the FAA for an 
aircraft, aircraft engine, propeller, or 
article, which certifies that the air-
craft, aircraft engine, propeller, or ar-
ticle conforms to its approved design 
and is in a condition for safe operation, 
unless otherwise specified; 

(2)  Article  means a material, part, 

component, process, or appliance; 

(3)  Commercial part means an article 

that is listed on an FAA-approved 
Commercial Parts List included in a 
design approval holder’s Instructions 
for Continued Airworthiness required 
by § 21.50; 

(4)  Design approval means a type cer-

tificate (including amended and supple-
mental type certificates) or the ap-
proved design under a PMA, TSO au-
thorization, letter of TSO design ap-
proval, or other approved design; 

(5) Interface component means an arti-

cle that serves as a functional interface 
between an aircraft and an aircraft en-
gine, an aircraft engine and a propeller, 
or an aircraft and a propeller. An inter-
face component is designated by the 
holder of the type certificate or the 
supplemental type certificate who con-
trols the approved design data for that 

(6) Product means an aircraft, aircraft 

engine, or propeller; 

(7) Production approval means a docu-

ment issued by the FAA to a person 
that allows the production of a product 
or article in accordance with its ap-
proved design and approved quality 
system, and can take the form of a pro-
duction certificate, a PMA, or a TSO 

(8)  State of Design means the country 

or jurisdiction having regulatory au-
thority over the organization respon-
sible for the design and continued air-
worthiness of a civil aeronautical prod-
uct or article; 

(9)  State of Manufacture means the 

country or jurisdiction having regu-
latory authority over the organization 
responsible for the production and air-

worthiness of a civil aeronautical prod-
uct or article. 

(10)  Supplier  means a person at any 

tier in the supply chain who provides a 
product, article, or service that is used 
or consumed in the design or manufac-
ture of, or installed on, a product or ar-

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28, 2016] 

§ 21.2

Falsification of applications, re-

ports, or records. 

(a) A person may not make or cause 

to be made— 

(1) Any fraudulent, intentionally 

false, or misleading statement on any 
application for a certificate or ap-
proval under this part; 

(2) Any fraudulent, intentionally 

false, or misleading statement in any 
record or report that is kept, made, or 
used to show compliance with any re-
quirement of this part; 

(3) Any reproduction for a fraudulent 

purpose of any certificate or approval 
issued under this part. 

(4) Any alteration of any certificate 

or approval issued under this part. 

(b) The commission by any person of 

an act prohibited under paragraph (a) 
of this section is a basis for— 

(1) Denying issuance of any certifi-

cate or approval under this part; and 

(2) Suspending or revoking any cer-

tificate or approval issued under this 
part and held by that person. 

[Doc. No. 23345, 57 FR 41367, Sept. 9, 1992, as 
amended by Amdt. 21–92, 74 FR 53384, Oct. 16, 
2009; Amdt. 21–92A, 75 FR 9095, Mar. 1, 2010] 

§ 21.3

Reporting of failures, malfunc-

tions, and defects. 

(a) The holder of a type certificate 

(including amended or supplemental 
type certificates), a PMA, or a TSO au-
thorization, or the licensee of a type 
certificate must report any failure, 
malfunction, or defect in any product 
or article manufactured by it that it 
determines has resulted in any of the 
occurrences listed in paragraph (c) of 
this section. 

(b) The holder of a type certificate 

(including amended or supplemental 

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