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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 17.21 

not constitute a final agency order, un-
less and until such dismissal or deci-
sion is incorporated or otherwise 
adopted in a decision by the Adminis-
trator (or the ODRA, by delegation) re-
garding the entire protest. 

(e) Prior to recommending or enter-

ing either a dismissal or a summary de-
cision, either in whole or in part, the 
ODRA shall afford all parties against 
whom the dismissal or summary deci-
sion is to be entered the opportunity to 
respond to the proposed dismissal or 
summary decision. 

§ 17.21

Adjudicative Process for pro-


(a) Other than for the resolution of 

preliminary or dispositive matters, the 
Adjudicative Process for protests will 
be commenced by the ODRA Director 
pursuant to § 17.17(e). 

(b) The Director of the ODRA shall 

appoint a DRO or a Special Master to 
conduct the adjudication proceedings, 
develop the administrative record, and 
prepare findings and recommendations 
for review of the ODRA Director. 

(c) The DRO or Special Master may 

conduct such proceedings and prepare 
procedural orders for the proceedings 
as deemed appropriate; and may re-
quire additional submissions from the 

(d) The Product Team response to the 

protest will be due to be filed and 
served ten (10) business days from the 
commencement of the ODRA Adjudica-
tion process. The Product Team re-
sponse shall consist of a written chron-
ological, supported statement of pro-
posed facts, and a written presentation 
of applicable legal or other defenses. 
The Product Team response shall cite 
to and be accompanied by all relevant 
documents, which shall be chrono-
logically indexed, individually tabbed, 
and certified as authentic and com-
plete. A copy of the response shall be 
furnished so as to be received by the 
protester and any intervenor(s) on the 
same date it is filed with the ODRA. In 
all cases, the Product Team shall indi-
cate the method of service used. 

(e) Comments of the protester and 

the intervenor on the Product Team re-
sponse will be due to be filed and 
served five (5) business days after their 
receipt of the response. Copies of such 

comments shall be provided to the 
other participating parties by the same 
means and on the same date as they 
are furnished to the ODRA. Comments 
may include any supplemental relevant 

(f) The ODRA may alter the schedule 

for filing of the Product Team response 
and the comments for good cause or to 
accommodate the circumstances of a 
particular protest. 

(g) The DRO or Special Master may 

convene the parties and/or their rep-
resentatives, as needed for the Adju-
dicative Process. 

(h) If, in the sole judgment of the 

DRO or Special Master, the parties 
have presented written material suffi-
cient to allow the protest to be decided 
on the record presented, the DRO or 
Special Master shall have the discre-
tion to decide the protest on that basis. 

(i) The parties may engage in lim-

ited, focused discovery with one an-
other and, if justified, with non-par-
ties, so as to obtain information rel-
evant to the allegations of the protest. 

(1) The DRO or Special Master shall 

manage the discovery process, includ-
ing limiting its length and availability, 
and shall establish schedules and dead-
lines for discovery, which are con-
sistent with timeframes established in 
this part and with the FAA policy of 
providing fair and expeditious dispute 

(2) The DRO or Special Master may 

also direct the parties to exchange, in 
an expedited manner, relevant, non- 
privileged documents. 

(3) Where justified, the DRO or Spe-

cial Master may direct the taking of 
deposition testimony, however, the 
FAA dispute resolution process does 
not contemplate extensive discovery. 

(4) The use of interrogatories and re-

quests for admission is not permitted 
in ODRA bid protests. 

(5) Where parties cannot voluntarily 

reach agreement on a discovery-related 
issue, they may timely seek assistance 
from an ODRA ADR neutral or may file 
an appropriate motion with the ODRA. 
Parties may request a subpoena. 

(6) Discovery requests and responses 

are not part of the record and will not 
be filed with the ODRA, except in con-
nection with a motion or other permis-
sible filing. 

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