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14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–18 Edition) 

§ 13.232 

transcript, to prepare and submit the 

§ 13.232

Initial decision. 

(a)  Contents.  The administrative law 

judge shall issue an initial decision at 
the conclusion of the hearing. In each 
oral or written decision, the adminis-
trative law judge shall include findings 
of fact and conclusions of law, and the 
grounds supporting those findings and 
conclusions, upon all material issues of 
fact, the credibility of witnesses, the 
applicable law, any exercise of the ad-
ministrative law judge’s discretion, the 
amount of any civil penalty found ap-
propriate by the administrative law 
judge, and a discussion of the basis for 
any order issued in the proceedings. 
The administrative law judge is not re-
quired to provide a written explanation 
for rulings on objections, procedural 
motions, and other matters not di-
rectly relevant to the substance of the 
initial decision. If the administrative 
law judge refers to any previous unre-
ported or unpublished initial decision, 
the administrative law judge shall 
make copies of that initial decision 
available to all parties and the FAA de-

(b)  Oral decision. Except as provided 

in paragraph (c) of this section, at the 
conclusion of the hearing, the adminis-
trative law judge shall issue the initial 
decision and order orally on the record. 

(c)  Written decision. The administra-

tive law judge may issue a written ini-
tial decision not later than 30 days 
after the conclusion of the hearing or 
submission of the last posthearing brief 
if the administrative law judge finds 
that issuing a written initial decision 
is reasonable. The administrative law 
judge shall serve a copy of any written 
initial decision on each party. 

(d) Order assessing civil penalty. Unless 

appealed pursuant to § 13.233 of this 
subpart, the initial decision issued by 
the administrative law judge shall be 
considered an order assessing civil pen-
alty if the administrative law judge 
finds that an alleged violation occurred 
and determines that a civil penalty, in 
an amount found appropriate by the 
administrative law judge, is warranted. 

§ 13.233

Appeal from initial decision. 

(a)  Notice of appeal. A party may ap-

peal the initial decision, and any deci-
sion not previously appealed pursuant 
to § 13.219, by filing a notice of appeal 
with the FAA decisionmaker. A party 
must file the notice of appeal in the 
FAA Hearing Docket using the appro-
priate address listed in § 13.210(a). A 
party shall file the notice of appeal not 
later than 10 days after entry of the 
oral initial decision on the record or 
service of the written initial decision 
on the parties and shall serve a copy of 
the notice of appeal on each party. 

(b)  Issues on appeal. In any appeal 

from a decision of an administrative 
law judge, the FAA decisionmaker con-
siders only the following issues: 

(1) Whether each finding of fact is 

supported by a preponderance of reli-
able, probative, and substantial evi-

(2) Whether each conclusion of law is 

made in accordance with applicable 
law, precedent, and public policy; and 

(3) Whether the administrative law 

judge committed any prejudicial errors 
that support the appeal. 

(c) Perfecting an appeal. Unless other-

wise agreed by the parties, a party 
shall perfect an appeal, not later than 
50 days after entry of the oral initial 
decision on the record or service of the 
written initial decision on the party, 
by filing an appeal brief with the FAA 

(1)  Extension of time by agreement of 

the parties. The parties may agree to 
extend the time for perfecting the ap-
peal with the consent of the FAA deci-
sionmaker. If the FAA decisionmaker 
grants an extension of time to perfect 
the appeal, the appellate docket clerk 
shall serve a letter confirming the ex-
tension of time on each party. 

(2)  Written motion for extension. If the 

parties do not agree to an extension of 
time for perfecting an appeal, a party 
desiring an extension of time may file 
a written motion for an extension with 
the FAA decisionmaker and shall serve 
a copy of the motion on each party. 
The FAA decisionmaker may grant an 
extension if good cause for the exten-
sion is shown in the motion. 

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