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AIM                                                                                                           12/10/15

                                                   TBL 1-2-1
                                          U.S. Standard RNP Levels

        RNP Level                        Typical Application                            Primary Route
                                                                                        Width (NM) -
                                                                                        Centerline to
        0.1 to 1.0                    RNP AR Approach Segments                             0.1 to 1.0
        0.3 to 1.0                      RNP Approach Segments                              0.3 to 1.0
             1                           Terminal and En Route                                1.0
             2                                  En Route                                      2.0
             4         Projected for oceanic/remote areas where 30 NM horizontal              4.0
                                          separation is applied.
           10            Oceanic/remote areas where 50 NM lateral separation is               10.0

1-2-3. Use of Suitable Area Navigation                    or route based on operational VOR using that RNAV
(RNAV) Systems on Conventional                            system without monitoring the VOR.
Procedures and Routes                                     NOTE-
                                                          1. Additional information and associated requirements
  a. Discussion. This paragraph sets forth policy,        are available in Advisory Circular 90-108 titled "Use of
while providing operational and airworthiness             Suitable RNAV Systems on Conventional Routes and
guidance regarding the suitability and use of RNAV        Procedures."
systems when operating on, or transitioning to,
                                                          2. Good planning and knowledge of your RNAV system are
conventional, non-RNAV routes and procedures              critical for safe and successful operations.
within the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS):
                                                          3. Pilots planning to use their RNAV system as a substitute
     1. Use of a suitable RNAV system as a                means of navigation guidance in lieu of an out-of-service
Substitute Means of Navigation when a Very-High           NAVAID may need to advise ATC of this intent and
Frequency (VHF) Omni-directional Range (VOR),             capability.
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME), Tactical Air          4. The navigation database should be current for the
Navigation (TACAN), VOR/TACAN (VORTAC),                   duration of the flight. If the AIRAC cycle will change
VOR/DME, Non-directional Beacon (NDB), or                 during flight, operators and pilots should establish
compass locator facility including locator outer          procedures to ensure the accuracy of navigation data,
marker and locator middle marker is out-of-service        including suitability of navigation facilities used to define
(that is, the navigation aid (NAVAID) information is      the routes and procedures for flight. To facilitate validating
not available); an aircraft is not equipped with an       database currency, the FAA has developed procedures for
Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) or DME; or the           publishing the amendment date that instrument approach
installed ADF or DME on an aircraft is not                procedures were last revised. The amendment date follows
operational. For example, if equipped with a suitable     the amendment number, e.g., Amdt 4 14Jan10. Currency of
                                                          graphic departure procedures and STARs may be
RNAV system, a pilot may hold over an out-of-
                                                          ascertained by the numerical designation in the procedure
service NDB.
                                                          title. If an amended chart is published for the procedure, or
     2. Use of a suitable RNAV system as an               the procedure amendment date shown on the chart is on or
                                                          after the expiration date of the database, the operator must
Alternate Means of Navigation when a VOR, DME,
                                                          not use the database to conduct the operation.
locator facility including locator outer marker and         b. Types of RNAV Systems that Qualify as a
locator middle marker is operational and the              Suitable RNAV System. When installed in accord-
respective aircraft is equipped with operational          ance with appropriate airworthiness installation
navigation equipment that is compatible with              requirements and operated in accordance with
conventional navaids. For example, if equipped with       applicable operational guidance (e.g., aircraft flight
a suitable RNAV system, a pilot may fly a procedure       manual and Advisory Circular material), the

1-2-6                                         Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) and Area Navigation (RNAV)

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