Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), page 655

12/10/15 Pilot/Controller Glossary

HOMING- Flight toward a NAVAID, without
correcting for wind, by adjusting the aircraft heading
to maintain a relative bearing of zero degrees.
(See ICAO term HOMING.)

HOMING [ICAO]- The procedure of using the

direction-finding equipment of one radio station with
the emission of another radio station, where at least
one of the stations is mobile, and whereby the mobile
station proceeds continuously towards the other

HOVER CHECK- Used to describe when a
helicopter/VTOL aircraft requires a stabilized hover
to conduct a performance/power check prior to hover
taxi, air taxi, or takeoff. Altitude of the hover will
vary based on the purpose of the check.

HOVER TAXI- Used to describe a helicopter/VTOL
aircraft movement conducted above the surface and
in ground effect at airspeeds less than approximately
20 knots. The actual height may vary, and some
helicopters may require hover taxi above 25 feet AGL
to reduce ground effect turbulence or provide

clearance for cargo slingloads.

(Refer to AIM.)

HOW DO YOU HEAR ME?- A question relating to
the quality of the transmission or to determine how
well the transmission is being received.

(See HERTZ.)


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