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more than 3,600 feet but no more than 8,300 feet.
There are no additional conditions or procedures
required when utilizing the 1.5 NM minimum
separation standard. The application of 1.5 NM

diagonal minima ensures aircraft remain staggered on
adjacent approaches and reduces the risk of collision
from aircraft inadvertently deviating from the final
approach course.

k. 9-1-4. General Description of Each Chart

This change describes the new Caribbean Visual

Flight Rule (VFR) Aeronautical Chart series and
introduces the new Alaska VFR Wall Planning Chart.
Examples of these charts have been provided as well.

l. Pilot/Controller Glossary

Terms have been added, deleted, or modified within
this glossary. Please refer to page PCG-1 for more
m. Entire publication.

Editorial/format changes were made where neces-
sary. Revision bars were not used when changes are
insignificant in nature.

E of Chg-2 Explanation of Changes

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