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6-3-3. Ditching Procedures
FIG 6-3-1 FIG 6-3-3 Single Swell (15 knot wind) Double Swell (30 knot wind) PRIMARY SWELL SWELL SECONDARY SWELL G IN CH G IT IN ING D D CH EA DIT H ING AD HE WIND WIND
FIG 6-3-4 (50 knot wind)
FIG 6-3-2 Double Swell (15 knot wind) SWELL W W IN PRIMARY IN D D SWELL G IN TCH ING I D D EA H SECONDARY SWELL Aircraft with low landing speeds - land into the wind. Aircraft with high landing speeds - choose compromise heading between wind and swell. Both - land on back side of swell. Distress and Urgency Procedures 6-3-3

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