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AIM                                                                           12/10/15

                    FIG 6-2-11                         FIG 6-2-13
             Negative (Ground)                        Pick Us Up

                NEGATIVE (NO)
          White cloth waved horizontally               PICK US UP-
                                                    PLANE ABANDONED
                                                      Both arms vertical

                    FIG 6-2-12
          Affirmative (Ground)                         FIG 6-2-14
                                               Affirmative (Aircraft)

                                           Affirmative reply from aircraft:

                                                AFFIRMATIVE (YES)
           AFFIRMATIVE (YES)                Dip nose of plane several times
         White cloth waved vertically

6-2-10                                          Emergency Services Available to Pilots

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AIM: Official Guide to Basic Flight Information and ATC Procedures

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