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AIM                                                                                                                      12/10/15

                                                              TBL 5-6-2
                                                      Intercepting Signals

                                             INTERCEPTING SIGNALS
                                  Signals and Responses During Aircraft Intercept
                  Signals initiated by intercepted aircraft and responses by intercepting aircraft
                                   (as set forth in ICAO Annex 2-Appendix 1, 2.2)
  Series      INTERCEPTED Aircraft Signals                   Meaning        INTERCEPTING Aircraft Responds             Meaning
      4    DAY or NIGHT-Raising landing gear (if           Aerodrome       DAY or NIGHT-If it is desired that the Understood,
           fitted) and flashing landing lights while       you have        intercepted aircraft follow the intercepting follow me.
           passing over runway in use or helicopter        designated is   aircraft to an alternate aerodrome, the
           landing area at a height exceeding 300m         inadequate.     intercepting aircraft raises its landing gear
           (1,000 ft) but not exceeding 600m                               (if fitted) and uses the Series 1 signals
           (2,000 ft) (in the case of a helicopter, at a                   prescribed for intercepting aircraft.
           height exceeding 50m (170 ft) but not
           exceeding 100m (330 ft) above the
           aerodrome level, and continuing to circle                       If it is decided to release the intercepted Understood,
           runway in use or helicopter landing area. If                    aircraft, the intercepting aircraft uses the you may
           unable to flash landing lights, flash any                       Series 2 signals prescribed for intercepting proceed.
           other lights available.                                         aircraft.
      5    DAY or NIGHT-Regular switching on and Cannot                    DAY or NIGHT-Use Series 2 signals Understood.
           off of all available lights but in such a comply.               prescribed for intercepting aircraft.
           manner as to be distinct from flashing
      6    DAY or NIGHT-Irregular flashing of all In distress.             DAY or NIGHT-Use Series 2 signals Understood.
           available lights.                                               prescribed for intercepting aircraft.

5-6-8                                                                             National Security and Interception Procedures

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