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5-6-4. Interception Signals
TBL 5-6-1 and TBL 5-6-2.
                                                                 TBL 5-6-1
                                                         Intercepting Signals

                                             INTERCEPTING SIGNALS
                   Signals initiated by intercepting aircraft and responses by intercepted aircraft
                                   (as set forth in ICAO Annex 2-Appendix 1, 2.1)
  Series      INTERCEPTING Aircraft Signals                     Meaning        INTERCEPTED Aircraft Responds                   Meaning
    1      DAY-Rocking wings from a position                  You have       AEROPLANES:                                      Understood,
           slightly above and ahead of, and normally          been           DAY-Rocking wings and following.                 will comply.
           to the left of, the intercepted aircraft and,      intercepted.
           after acknowledgement, a slow level turn,          Follow me.
           normally to the left, on to the desired

           NIGHT-Same and, in addition, flashing                             NIGHT-Same and, in addition, flashing
           navigational lights at irregular intervals.                       navigational lights at irregular intervals.

           NOTE 1-Meteorological conditions or
           terrain may require the intercepting
           aircraft to take up a position slightly above
           and ahead of, and to the right of, the
           intercepted aircraft and to make the
           subsequent turn to the right.                                     HELICOPTERS:
                                                                             DAY or NIGHT-Rocking aircraft, flashing
           NOTE 2-If the intercepted aircraft is not                         navigational lights at irregular intervals and
           able to keep pace with the intercepting                           following.
           aircraft, the latter is expected to fly a series
           of race-track patterns and to rock its wings
           each time it passes the intercepted aircraft.
    2      DAY or NIGHT-An abrupt break-away You may                         AEROPLANES:                                      Understood,
           maneuver from the intercepted aircraft proceed.                   DAY or NIGHT-Rocking wings.                      will comply.
           consisting of a climbing turn of 90 degrees
           or more without crossing the line of flight                       HELICOPTERS:
           of the intercepted aircraft.                                      DAY or NIGHT-Rocking aircraft.
    3      DAY-Circling aerodrome, lowering land- Land at this               AEROPLANES:                              Understood,
           ing gear and overflying runway in direction aerodrome.            DAY-Lowering landing gear, following will comply.
           of landing or, if the intercepted aircraft is a                   the intercepting aircraft and, if after
           helicopter, overflying the helicopter land-                       overflying the runway landing is consid-
           ing area.                                                         ered safe, proceeding to land.

           NIGHT-Same and, in addition, showing                              NIGHT-Same and, in addition, showing
           steady landing lights.                                            steady landing lights (if carried).

                                                                             DAY or NIGHT-Following the intercepting
                                                                             aircraft and proceeding to land, showing a
                                                                             steady landing light (if carried).

National Security and Interception Procedures                                                                                       5-6-7

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