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12/10/15                                                                                                                       AIM

                                FIG 5-4-30                                In the event a balked (rejected) landing occurs at a po-
    Circling and Missed Approach Obstruction                              sition other than the published missed approach
                 Clearance Areas                                          point, the pilot should contact ATC as soon as pos-
                                                                          sible to obtain an amended clearance. If unable to
                                                                          contact ATC for any reason, the pilot should attempt
    DECISION TO MISS                                                      to re-intercept a published segment of the missed ap-
                                         CLIMBING TURN                    proach and comply with route and altitude
                                                                          instructions. If unable to contact ATC, and in the pi-
      X                                                                   lot's judgment it is no longer appropriate to fly the
                                                                          published missed approach procedure, then consider
                                                CLIMBING TURN             either maintaining visual conditions if practicable
                                                                          and reattempt a landing, or a circle-climb over the
                                                                          airport. Should a missed approach become necessary
                                                                   X      when operating to an airport that is not served by an
                                                                          operating control tower, continuous contact with an
   CIRCLING                                                  DECISION     air traffic facility may not be possible. In this case, the
   MANEUVER                    VOR                         TO MISS HERE
                                                                          pilot should execute the appropriate go-around/
   (WHEN                                                                  missed approach procedure without delay and contact
   RIGHT HAND                                              VOR            ATC when able to do so.
   PATTERN)                                                               Prior to initiating an instrument approach procedure,
                                                                          the pilot should assess the actions to be taken in the
                                                                          event of a balked (rejected) landing beyond the
                                                                          missed approach point or below the MDA or DA (H)
                                                                          considering the anticipated weather conditions and
                                                                          available aircraft performance. 14 CFR 91.175(e)
                                                                          authorizes the pilot to fly an appropriate missed
                                FIG 5-4-31
                                                                          approach procedure that ensures obstruction clear-
                          Missed Approach                                 ance, but it does not necessarily consider separation
                                                                          from other air traffic. The pilot must consider other
                                                                          factors such as the aircraft's geographical location
                                                                          with respect to the prescribed missed approach point,
                                                                          direction of flight, and/or minimum turning altitudes
                                                                          in the prescribed missed approach procedure. The
                                         1450              1265           pilot must also consider aircraft performance, visual
                                                                          climb restrictions, charted obstacles, published
                   090°                                        1180
                                                                          obstacle departure procedure, takeoff visual climb
                                                                          requirements as expressed by nonstandard takeoff
                                   °                                      minima, other traffic expected to be in the vicinity, or
                                                CHANUTE                   other factors not specifically expressed by the ap-

                                                                          proach procedures.

             36                               109.2 CNU


                   Portion of a Published Procedure                       5-4-22. Use of Enhanced Flight Vision
           Remain within               VOR
                                         MISSED APPROACH
                                                                          Systems (EFVS) on Instrument Approaches
              10 NM
                                  236°   Climbing right turn to
                  2600                   2600 direct to VOR               An EFVS is an installed airborne system which uses
                           056°                                           an electronic means to provide a display of the
                                       2500                               forward external scene topography (the applicable
                                                  5.7 NM                  natural or manmade features of a place or region
                                                                          especially in a way to show their relative positions
                                                                          and elevation) through the use of imaging sensors,
                                                                          such as forward looking infrared, millimeter wave

Arrival Procedures                                                                                                           5-4-57

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