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     2. Precision Obstacle Free Zone (POFZ). A                (SM) (or runway visual range below 4,000 feet). If the
volume of airspace above an area beginning at the             POFZ is not clear, the MINIMUM authorized height
runway threshold, at the threshold elevation, and             above touchdown (HAT) and visibility is 250 feet and
centered on the extended runway centerline. The               3/ SM. The POFZ is considered clear even if the wing
POFZ is 200 feet (60m) long and 800 feet (240m)               of the aircraft holding on a taxiway waiting for
wide. The POFZ must be clear when an aircraft on a            runway clearance penetrates the POFZ; however,
vertically guided final approach is within 2 nautical         neither the fuselage nor the tail may infringe on the
miles of the runway threshold and the reported ceiling        POFZ. The POFZ is applicable at all runway ends
is below 250 feet or visibility less than 3/4 statute mile    including displaced thresholds.

FIG 5-4-29 Precision Obstacle Free Zone (POFZ) c. Straight-in Minimums are shown on the IAP make a normal approach for landing. Under such when the final approach course is within 30 degrees conditions and when ATC has cleared them for of the runway alignment (15 degrees for GPS IAPs) landing on that runway, pilots are not expected to and a normal descent can be made from the IFR circle even though only circling minimums are altitude shown on the IAP to the runway surface. published. If they desire to circle, they should advise When either the normal rate of descent or the runway ATC. alignment factor of 30 degrees (15 degrees for GPS d. Side-Step Maneuver Minimums. Landing IAPs) is exceeded, a straight-in minimum is not minimums for a side-step maneuver to the adjacent published and a circling minimum applies. The fact runway will normally be higher than the minimums that a straight-in minimum is not published does not to the primary runway. preclude pilots from landing straight-in if they have the active runway in sight and have sufficient time to 5-4-54 Arrival Procedures

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