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b. Types of RNP AR Approach Operations FIG 5-4-25 1. RNP Stand-alone Approach Operations. RNP AR procedures can provide access to runways regardless of the ground-based NAVAID infrastructure, and can be designed to avoid obstacles, terrain, airspace, or resolve environmental constraints. 2. RNP Parallel Approach (RPA) Operations. RNP AR procedures can be used for parallel approaches where the runway separation is adequate (See FIG 5-4-24). Parallel approach procedures can be used either simultaneously or as stand-alone operations. They may be part of either independent or dependent operations depending on the ATC ability to provide radar monitoring.
FIG 5-4-24 4. RNP Converging Runway Operations. At airports where runways converge, but may or may not intersect, an RNP AR approach can provide a precise curved missed approach path that conforms to aircraft separation minimums for simultaneous operations (See FIG 5-4-26). By flying this curved missed approach path with high accuracy and containment provided by RNP, dual runway operations may continue to be used to lower ceiling and visibility values than currently available. This type of operation allows greater capacity at airports where it can be applied.
FIG 5-4-26 3. RNP Parallel Approach Runway Transitions (RPAT) Operations. RPAT approaches begin as a parallel IFR approach operation using simultaneous independent or dependent procedures. (See FIG 5-4-25). Visual separation standards are used in the final segment of the approach after the final approach fix, to permit the RPAT aircraft to transition in visual conditions along a predefined lateral and vertical path to align with the runway centerline. Arrival Procedures 5-4-51

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