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5-4-15. Simultaneous (Parallel) Independent ILS/RNAV/GLS Approaches
(See FIG 5-4-21.)

FIG 5-4-21
Simultaneous (Parallel) Independent ILS/RNAV/GLS Approaches

a. System. An approach system permitting
simultaneous ILS/RNAV/GLS approaches to parallel
runways with centerlines separated by 4,300 to
9,000 feet (9,200' for airports above 5,000') utilizing
NTZ final monitor controllers. Simultaneous
(parallel) independent approaches require NTZ radar
monitoring to ensure separation between aircraft on
the adjacent parallel approach course. Aircraft
position is tracked by final monitor controllers who

will issue instructions to aircraft observed deviating

from the assigned final approach course. Staggered

radar separation procedures are not utilized. Integral
parts of a total system are ILS, radar,
communications, ATC procedures, and required
airborne equipment. A chart note identifies that the
approach is authorized for simultaneous use. When
simultaneous operations are in progress, it will be
advertised on the ATIS. When advised that
simultaneous approaches are in progress, pilots must
advise approach control immediately of

malfunctioning or inoperative receivers, or if a
simultaneous approach is not desired.
ATC does not use the word independent or parallel when
advertising these operations on the ATIS.
Simultaneous ILS 24L and ILS 24R approaches in pro-

b. Radar Services. These services are is provided

for each simultaneous (parallel) independent


1. During turn on to parallel final approach,
aircraft will be provided 3 miles radar separation or
a minimum of 1,000 feet vertical separation. The
assigned altitude must be maintained until
intercepting the glide path, unless cleared otherwise
by ATC. Aircraft will not be vectored to intercept the
final approach course at an angle greater than thirty

5-4-40 Arrival Procedures

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