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ATC will specifically identify these operations as being
pendent when advertised on the ATIS.
Simultaneous dependent ILS runway 19R and 19L in pro-

e. At certain airports, simultaneous (parallel) de-
pendent approaches are permitted to runways spaced
less than 2500 feet apart. In this case, ATC will stag-
ger aircraft on the parallel approaches with the
leaders always arriving on the same runway. The

trailing aircraft is permitted diagonal separation of

not less than 1.5 NM, instead of the single runway
separation normally utilized for runways spaced less
reasons: a) 1.5 NM spacing is only permitted when
the leader is either in the large or small wake turbu-

lence category, and b) all aircraft must descend on the
de- glideslope from the altitude at which they were
cleared for the approach during these operations.
When 1.5 NM reduced separation is authorized, the
IAP briefing strip which indicates that simultaneous
operations require the use of vertical guidance and
that the pilot should maintain last assigned altitude
until intercepting the glideslope. No special pilot
training is required to participate in these operations.

Either simultaneous dependent ILS approaches or SOIA
LDA PRM and ILS PRM approaches may be conducted to

these runways depending on weather conditions and traffic
volume. Pilots should use caution so as not to confuse these
operations. Use SOIA procedures only when the ATIS ad-
paragraph 5-4-16. SFO is the only airport where both pro-
cedures are presently conducted.

Arrival Procedures 5-4-39

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