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assigning of a time to depart the final approach fix
inbound (nonprecision approach) or the outer marker

or fix used in lieu of the outer marker inbound

(precision approach) is indicative that timed

approach procedures are being utilized, or in lieu of

holding, the controller may use radar vectors to the

Final Approach Course to establish a mileage interval

between aircraft that will ensure the appropriate time
sequence between the final approach fix/outer marker

or fix used in lieu of the outer marker and the airport.

c. Each pilot in an approach sequence will be given

advance notice as to the time they should leave the

holding point on approach to the airport. When a time

to leave the holding point has been received, the pilot

should adjust the flight path to leave the fix as closely

as possible to the designated time. (See FIG 5-4-18.)

5-4-32 Arrival Procedures

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