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8. When an airway does not cross the lateral at the TAA boundary and will be aligned along a path
TAA boundaries, a feeder route will be established pointing to the associated IAF. Pilots should descend
from an airway fix or NAVAID to the TAA boundary to the TAA altitude after crossing the TAA boundary
to provide a transition from the en route structure to and cleared for the approach by ATC.
the appropriate IAF. Each feeder route will terminate (See FIG 5-4-9).

FIG 5-4-9
Examples of a TAA

9. Each waypoint on the "T" is assigned a
pronounceable 5-letter name, except the missed
approach waypoint. These names are used for ATC
communications, RNAV databases, and aeronautical

with Feeders from an Airway

navigation products. The missed approach waypoint
is assigned a pronounceable name when it is not
located at the runway threshold.

Arrival Procedures 5-4-15

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