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h. 5-2-2. Pre-Departure Clearance Procedures

The Terminal Data Link System has been upgraded to
include Controller Pilot Data Link Communication
Clearance (CPDLC)-Departure Clearance (DCL)
messaging. The content and title have been updated
to reflect this automation.

i. 5-2-8. Instrument Departure Procedures
(DP) - Obstacle Departure Procedures (ODP) and
Standard Instrument Departures (SID)
5-5-14. Instrument Departures

This change clarifies previous guidance regarding
visual climb over airport (VCOA) and aligns it with
the definition provided in the Pilot/Controller
Glossary. It also adds the requirement that pilots
advise ATC when they intend to fly the VCOA
procedure as early as possible prior to departure.

j. 5-4-5. Instrument Approach Procedure

This change updates the description of minimum safe
altitudes (MSA) based on conventional navigation
systems and RNAV. It allows for the use of the airport
reference point as the center of an MSA for

conventional navigation systems. This change also
updates the chart note and clarifies what is expected
from the pilot when the procedures visual descent
angle (VDA) is removed.

k. 5-4-14. Parallel ILS Approaches (Depend-

This change introduces the use of 1 mile radar
separation diagonally on simultaneous dependent
approaches when runway centerlines are separated by
at least 2,500 feet but no more than 3,600 feet. The
existing paragraph is revised to account for the new
3,600 foot standard. There are no additional
conditions or procedures required when utilizing the
1 NM minimum separation standard.
l. 9-1-4. General Description of Each Chart
Appendix 3. Abbreviations/Acronyms

This change is updated to reflect that the last edition
of the World Aeronautical Chart (WAC) will be
published in March 2016. Current WAC editions will
be effective through the previously published
effective date(s). As such, all references to WAC have
been deleted.

m. Pilot/Controller Glossary
Terms have been added, deleted, or modified within
this glossary. Please refer to page PCG-1 for more

n. Entire publication.

Editorial/format changes were made where neces-
sary. Revision bars were not used when changes are
insignificant in nature.

E of Chg-2 Explanation of Changes

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