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AIM                                                                                                            12/10/15

     c. Reports of FIS-B Malfunctions.                               1. Condition observed.
Users of FIS-B can provide valuable assistance in the                2. Date and time of observation.
correction of malfunctions by reporting instances of
undesirable system performance. Since FIS-B                          3. Altitude and location of observation.
performance is monitored by maintenance personnel                    4. Type and call sign of the aircraft.
rather than ATC, report malfunctions to the nearest
Flight Service Station (FSS) facility by radio or                   5. Type and software version of avionics
telephone. Reporters should identify:                          system.

                                                      TBL 4-5-2
                             FIS-B Basic Product Update and Transmission Intervals

                                                FIS-B Service                      FIS-B Service
                  Product                      Update Interval1                Transmission Interval2
    AIRMET                                        As available                        5 minutes
    Convective SIGMET                             As available                        5 minutes
    METAR/SPECI                                Hourly/as available                    5 minutes
    NEXRAD Reflectivity (CONUS)                    5 minutes                         15 minutes
    NEXRAD Reflectivity (Regional)                 5 minutes                         2.5 minutes
    NOTAM-D/FDC                                   As available                       10 minutes
    PIREP                                         As available                       10 minutes
    SIGMET                                        As available                        5 minutes
    SUA Status                                    As available                       10 minutes
    TAF/AMEND                                 8 hours/as available                   10 minutes
    Temperature Aloft                                6 hours                         10 minutes
    Winds Aloft                                      6 hours                         10 minutes

1The Update Interval is the rate at which the product data is available from the source.
2The Transmission Interval is the amount of time within which a new or updated product transmission must be
completed and the rate or repetition interval at which the product is rebroadcast.
Details concerning the content, format, and symbols of the various data link products provided should be obtained from
the specific avionics manufacturer.

4-5-20                                                                                             Surveillance Systems

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