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EXAMPLE-                                                           b. Wind conditions affect all airplanes in varying
RP 9, 18, 22R                                                    degrees. Figure 4-3-4 is an example of a chart used to
NOTE-                                                            determine the headwind, crosswind, and tailwind
1. RP* indicates special conditions exist and refers pilots      components based on wind direction and velocity
to the Chart Supplement U.S.                                     relative to the runway. Pilots should refer to similar
2. Right traffic patterns are not shown at airports with         information provided by the aircraft manufacturer
full-time control towers.                                        when determining these wind components.

FIG 4-3-2 Traffic Pattern Operations Single Runway EXAMPLE- 4. Continue straight ahead until beyond departure end of Key to traffic pattern operations runway. 1. Enter pattern in level flight, abeam the midpoint of the 5. If remaining in the traffic pattern, commence turn to runway, at pattern altitude. (1,000' AGL is recommended crosswind leg beyond the departure end of the runway pattern altitude unless established otherwise. . .) within 300 feet of pattern altitude. 2. Maintain pattern altitude until abeam approach end of 6. If departing the traffic pattern, continue straight out, or the landing runway on downwind leg. exit with a 45 degree turn (to the left when in a left-hand traffic pattern; to the right when in a right-hand traffic 3. Complete turn to final at least 1/4 mile from the runway. pattern) beyond the departure end of the runway, after reaching pattern altitude. Airport Operations 4-3-3

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