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TBL 4-2-1
Calling a Ground Station

Facility Call Sign

Airport UNICOM "Shannon UNICOM"
FAA Flight Service Station "Chicago Radio"
Airport Traffic Control "Augusta Tower"

Clearance Delivery Position "Dallas Clearance
(IFR) Delivery"

Ground Control Position in "Miami Ground"

Radar or Nonradar "Oklahoma City

Approach Control Position Approach"

Radar Departure Control "St. Louis Departure"


FAA Air Route Traffic "Washington Center"
Control Center

4-2-7. Phonetic Alphabet

The International Civil Aviation Organization
(ICAO) phonetic alphabet is used by FAA personnel
when communications conditions are such that the
information cannot be readily received without their
use. ATC facilities may also request pilots to use
phonetic letter equivalents when aircraft with similar
sounding identifications are receiving communica-
tions on the same frequency. Pilots should use the
phonetic alphabet when identifying their aircraft
during initial contact with air traffic control facilities.
Additionally, use the phonetic equivalents for single
letters and to spell out groups of letters or difficult
words during adverse communications conditions.
(See TBL 4-2-2.)

TBL 4-2-2
Phonetic Alphabet/Morse Code
Character Morse Code Telephony

A  Alfa (AL-FAH)
B  Bravo (BRAH-VOH)
C  Charlie (CHAR-LEE) or
D  Delta (DELL-TAH)
E  Echo (ECK-OH)

F  Foxtrot (FOKS-TROT)
G  Golf (GOLF)

H  Hotel (HOH-TEL)
I  India (IN-DEE-AH)

J  Juliett (JEW-LEE-ETT)

K  Kilo (KEY-LOH)

L  Lima (LEE-MAH)

M  Mike (MIKE)
N  November (NO-VEM-BER)

O  Oscar (OSS-CAH)
P  Papa (PAH-PAH)
Q  Quebec (KEH-BECK)
R  Romeo (ROW-ME-OH)
S  Sierra (SEE-AIR-RAH)
T  Tango (TANG-GO)
U  Uniform (YOU-NEE-FORM) or
V  Victor (VIK-TAH)
W   Whiskey (WISS-KEY)
X  Xray (ECKS-RAY)
Y  Yankee (YANG-KEY)
Z  Zulu (ZOO-LOO)
1  One (WUN)
2  Two (TOO)
3  Three (TREE)
4  Four (FOW-ER)
5  Five (FIFE)
6  Six (SIX)
7  Seven (SEV-EN)
8  Eight (AIT)
9  Nine (NIN-ER)
0      Zero (ZEE-RO)

Radio Communications Phraseology 4-2-5

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