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s. 7-1-26. Microbursts

This change adds a new figure and a listing of
Terminal Weather Information for Pilots System
(TWIP)-equipped airports.

t. 9-1-4. General Description of Each Chart

FIG 9-1-1 has been updated to more fully describe
chart coverage and better identify the coverage and
availability of the Grand Canyon VFR Aeronautical
Chart. FIG 9-1-2 has also been updated to better
depict chart coverage.

u. Pilot/Controller Glossary

Terms have been added, deleted, or modified within
this glossary. Please refer to page PCG-1 for more
v. Entire publication.

A global search and replace was conducted on the
term "A/FD - Airport Facility Directory." This term
is now being referred to as "Chart Supplement U.S."

Editorial/format changes were made where neces-
sary. Revision bars were not used when changes are
insignificant in nature.

Explanation of Changes E of Chg-3

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