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FIG 2-3-38
Destination Sign for Military Area

FIG 2-3-39
Destination Sign for Common Taxiing Route to Two Runways

2-3-11. Destination Signs

a. Destination signs also have a yellow back-
ground with a black inscription indicating a
destination on the airport. These signs always have an
arrow showing the direction of the taxiing route to
that destination. FIG 2-3-38 is an example of a
typical destination sign. When the arrow on the
destination sign indicates a turn, the sign is located
prior to the intersection.

b. Destinations commonly shown on these types
of signs include runways, aprons, terminals, military
areas, civil aviation areas, cargo areas, international

areas, and fixed base operators. An abbreviation may
be used as the inscription on the sign for some of these

c. When the inscription for two or more
destinations having a common taxiing route are
placed on a sign, the destinations are separated by a
"dot" () and one arrow would be used as shown in
FIG 2-3-39. When the inscription on a sign contains
two or more destinations having different taxiing
routes, each destination will be accompanied by an
arrow and will be separated from the other
destinations on the sign with a vertical black message
divider as shown in FIG 2-3-40.

2-3-28 Airport Marking Aids and Signs

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