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FIG 2-3-26
Holding Position Sign for a Taxiway that Intersects the Intersection of Two Runways

FIG 2-3-27
Holding Position Sign for a Runway Approach Area

(b) If the sign is located on a taxiway that
intersects the intersection of two runways, the
designations for both runways will be shown on the
sign along with arrows showing the approximate
alignment of each runway as shown in FIG 2-3-26.
In addition to showing the approximate runway
alignment, the arrow indicates the direction to the
threshold of the runway whose designation is
immediately next to the arrow.

(c) A runway holding position sign on a
taxiway will be installed adjacent to holding position
markings on the taxiway pavement. On runways,
holding position markings will be located only on the
runway pavement adjacent to the sign, if the runway
is normally used by air traffic control for "Land, Hold
Short" operations or as a taxiway. The holding

position markings are described in paragraph 2-3-5,
Holding Position Markings.

2. Runway Approach Area Holding Position
Sign. At some airports, it is necessary to hold an
aircraft on a taxiway located in the approach or
departure area for a runway so that the aircraft does
not interfere with operations on that runway. In these
situations, a sign with the designation of the approach
end of the runway followed by a "dash" (-) and letters
"APCH" will be located at the holding position on the
taxiway. Holding position markings in accordance
with paragraph 2-3-5, Holding Position Markings,
will be located on the taxiway pavement. An example
of this sign is shown in FIG 2-3-27. In this example,
the sign may protect the approach to Runway 15
and/or the departure for Runway 33.

Airport Marking Aids and Signs 2-3-21

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