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FIG 2-3-24
Runway Holding Position Sign

FIG 2-3-25
Holding Position Sign at Beginning of Takeoff Runway

2-3-8. Mandatory Instruction Signs

a. These signs have a red background with a white

inscription and are used to denote:

1. An entrance to a runway or critical area and;
2. Areas where an aircraft is prohibited from

b. Typical mandatory signs and applications


1. Runway Holding Position Sign. This sign
is located at the holding position on taxiways that
intersect a runway or on runways that intersect other

runways. The inscription on the sign contains the
designation of the intersecting runway as shown in

FIG 2-3-24. The runway numbers on the sign are

arranged to correspond to the respective runway
threshold. For example, "15-33" indicates that the
threshold for Runway 15 is to the left and the
threshold for Runway 33 is to the right.

(a) On taxiways that intersect the beginning

of the takeoff runway, only the designation of the
takeoff runway may appear on the sign as shown in
FIG 2-3-25, while all other signs will have the
designation of both runway directions.

2-3-20 Airport Marking Aids and Signs

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