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12/10/15                                                                                                            AIM

                                                     FIG 2-3-2
                        Nonprecision Instrument Runway and Visual Runway Markings

                                                                                                    AIMING POINT

                                          DESIGNATION       PAVEMENT EDGE
                                   NONPRECISION INSTRUMENT RUNWAY MARKINGS

                                                                                                   AIMING POINT

                         DESIGNATION MARKING

                           PAVEMENT EDGE
                                              VISUAL RUNWAY MARKINGS

  f. Runway Side Stripe Marking. Runway side                dimensions disposed symmetrically about the
stripes delineate the edges of the runway. They             runway centerline, as shown in FIG 2-3-1, or the
provide a visual contrast between runway and the            number of stripes is related to the runway width as
abutting terrain or shoulders. Side stripes consist of      indicated in TBL 2-3-2. A threshold marking helps
continuous white stripes located on each side of the        identify the beginning of the runway that is available
runway as shown in FIG 2-3-4.                               for landing. In some instances the landing threshold
                                                            may be relocated or displaced.
   g. Runway Shoulder Markings. Runway shoul-
der stripes may be used to supplement runway side                                   TBL 2-3-2
stripes to identify pavement areas contiguous to the               Number of Runway Threshold Stripes
runway sides that are not intended for use by aircraft.           Runway Width                  Number of Stripes
Runway Shoulder stripes are Yellow.                                60 feet (18 m)                       4
(See FIG 2-3-5.)
                                                                   75 feet (23 m)                       6
   h. Runway Threshold Markings. Runway                           100 feet (30 m)                       8
threshold markings come in two configurations. They               150 feet (45 m)                      12
either consist of eight longitudinal stripes of uniform           200 feet (60 m)                      16

Airport Marking Aids and Signs                                                                                  2-3-3

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