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Types of Charts Available

6. Helicopter Route Charts. A three−color

chart series which shows current aeronautical

information useful to helicopter pilots navigating in

areas with high concentrations of helicopter activity.

Information depicted includes helicopter routes, four

classes of heliports with associated frequency and

lighting capabilities, NAVAIDs, and obstructions. In

addition, pictorial symbols, roads, and easily

identified geographical features are portrayed.

Helicopter charts have a longer life span than other

chart products and may be current for several years.

Helicopter Route Charts are updated as requested by

the FAA. Scale 1 inch = 1.71 nm/1:125,000. 34 x 30

inches folded to 5 x 10 inches. (See FIG 9−1−4.)

FIG 9−1−4

Helicopter Route Charts

b. IFR Navigation Charts.

1. IFR En Route Low Altitude Charts

(Conterminous U.S. and Alaska). En route low

altitude charts provide aeronautical information for

navigation under IFR conditions below 18,000 feet

MSL. This four−color chart series includes airways;

limits of controlled airspace; VHF NAVAIDs with

frequency, identification, channel, geographic coor-

dinates; airports with terminal air/ground

communications; minimum en route and obstruction

clearance altitudes; airway distances; reporting

points; special use airspace; and military training

routes. Scales vary from 1 inch = 5nm to 1 inch =

20 nm. 50 x 20 inches folded to 5 x 10 inches. Charts

revised every 56 days. Area charts show congested

terminal areas at a large scale. They are included with

subscriptions to any conterminous U.S. Set Low (Full

set, East or West sets).

(See FIG 9−1−5 and FIG 9−1−6.)