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Arrival Procedures

FIG 5−4−18

3. When the approach procedure involves a

procedure turn, a maximum speed of not greater than

200 knots (IAS) should be observed from first

overheading the course reversal IAF through the

procedure turn maneuver to ensure containment

within the obstruction clearance area. Pilots should

begin the outbound turn immediately after passing

the procedure turn fix. The procedure turn maneuver

must be executed within the distance specified in the

profile view. The normal procedure turn distance is

10 miles. This may be reduced to a minimum of

5 miles where only Category A or helicopter aircraft

are to be operated or increased to as much as 15 miles

to accommodate high performance aircraft.

4. A teardrop procedure or penetration turn may

be specified in some procedures for a required course

reversal. The teardrop procedure consists of

departure from an initial approach fix on an outbound

course followed by a turn toward and intercepting the

inbound course at or prior to the intermediate fix or

point. Its purpose is to permit an aircraft to reverse

direction and lose considerable altitude within

reasonably limited airspace. Where no fix is available

to mark the beginning of the intermediate segment, it

must be assumed to commence at a point 10 miles

prior to the final approach fix. When the facility is

located on the airport, an aircraft is considered to be

on final approach upon completion of the penetration

turn. However, the final approach segment begins on

the final approach course 10 miles from the facility.