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Arrival Procedures

of icons is necessary to avoid obscuring any portion

of the “T” procedure (altitudes, courses, minimum

altitudes, etc.). The icon for each TAA area will be

located and oriented on the plan view with respect to

the direction of arrival to the approach procedure, and

will show all TAA minimum altitudes and

sector/radius subdivisions. The IAF for each area of

the TAA is included on the icon where it appears on

the approach to help the pilot orient the icon to the

approach procedure. The IAF name and the distance

of the TAA area boundary from the IAF are included

on the outside arc of the TAA area icon.

FIG 5−4−6

RNAV (GPS) Approach Chart

7. TAAs may be modified from the standard size

and shape to accommodate operational or ATC

requirements. Some areas may be eliminated, while

the other areas are expanded. The “T” design may be