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Operational Policy/Procedures for Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) in the

Domestic U.S., Alaska, Offshore Airspace and the San Juan FIR

4−6−11. Non−RVSM Aircraft Requesting

Climb to and Descent from Flight Levels

Above RVSM Airspace Without

Intermediate Level Off

a. File−and−Fly. Operators of Non−RVSM air-

craft climbing to and descending from RVSM flight

levels should just file a flight plan.

b. Non−RVSM aircraft climbing to and descend-

ing from flight levels above RVSM airspace will be

handled on a workload permitting basis. The vertical

separation standard applied in RVSM airspace

between non−RVSM aircraft and all other aircraft

must be 2,000 feet.

c. Non−RVSM aircraft climbing to/descending

from RVSM airspace can only be considered for

accommodation provided:

1. Aircraft is capable of a continuous climb/de-

scent and does not need to level off at an intermediate

altitude for any operational considerations and

2. Aircraft is capable of climb/descent at the

normal rate for the aircraft.

d. Required Pilot Calls. The pilot of non−RVSM

aircraft will inform the controller of the lack of

RVSM approval in accordance with the direction

provided in Paragraph 4−6−8, Pilot/Controller