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Airport Marking Aids and Signs

FIG 2−3−40

Destination Sign for Different Taxiing Routes to Two Runways

2−3−12. Information Signs

Information signs have a yellow background with a

black inscription. They are used to provide the pilot

with information on such things as areas that cannot

be seen from the control tower, applicable radio

frequencies, and noise abatement procedures. The

airport operator determines the need, size, and

location for these signs.

2−3−13. Runway Distance Remaining Signs

Runway distance remaining signs have a black

background with a white numeral inscription and

may be installed along one or both side(s) of the

runway. The number on the signs indicates the

distance (in thousands of feet) of landing runway

remaining. The last sign (i.e., the sign with the

numeral “1”) will be located at least 950 feet from the

runway end. FIG 2−3−41 shows an example of a

runway distance remaining sign.

FIG 2−3−41

Runway Distance Remaining Sign Indicating 

3,000 feet of Runway Remaining